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Dr. Robert L. Carroll

Carroll was one of the more senior of the post-relativists, though of course not senior to Nikola Tesla. In his many many papers and several books, he thoroughly, and formalistically, demolishes relativity theory and all of the attendent "can'ts" of the cold war west. [We can't produce fusion energy. We can't reveal the topology of charged particles. We can't show the structure of the nucleus. We can't have superluminal flight. We can't visit the nearby stars, etc., etc.]

From his many topics in astrophysics, cosmology, solid-state physics, and particle physics, two stand out prominently: 1) Carroll developed a simple toroidal model of the electron and positron, from which he constructed larger (approx. 1800 times) models of the proton and neutron. 2) He showed very clearly why the achievement of superluminal velocities was much more natural than any unreachable limit, such as C, the supposed velocity of light.

Simply stated Carroll demonstrated that object momentum (equals mass times velocity) does increase without limit -- not because its mass increases without limit -- because its velocity increases continuously! [Another way to say this is to note that a spaceship in interstellar space (accelerated by reaction mass) is not a charged particle in an accelerator (accelerated by intense EM fields). Whereas a charged particle can and will absorb energy from the 'accelerating' field, and thereby limit the amount of energy going into velocity creation -- an accelerating spaceship is not limited to its exhaust velocity, and will go on adding momentum and velocity, again, continuously].


Born in Three Lakes, Washington, U.S.A., on January 15, 1910.
Died in Charleston, South Carolina on April 13, 1997
This site will continue to exist to share his work with others as a memorial to a man that left the world with more than most will ever understand.

Degrees: A.B. Education, Fairmont State College, Fairmont, West Virginia, 1933. M.S. Mathematics, 1940, and Ph.D. Mathematical Physics, 1944. West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia.

Appointments held: Teaching Fellow, Physics Department, West Virginia University 1942-44. Research staff member, MIT Field Experiment Station, Washington, D.C. 1944-45. Associate project leader, proximity Fuze Research, Ordinance Development Division, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C. 1945-46. Head, Department of Physics, Fairmont State College 1946-56. Chief Engineer and Dean of Academics, U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, Patuxent River, Maryland 1956-58. Propulsion Unit Head, Bell Aircraft Corporation, Buffalo, New York 1958-59. Senior Scientist, American Machine & Foundry Company, Alexandria, Virginia 1959-61. Operations Analyst Naval Warfare Analysis Group, Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Pentagon, 1961-62. Systems Associate, Staff of Chief Engineer, Melpar Inc., Falls Church, Virginia 1962-64. Operations Analyst, Combat Operations Research Group, Combat Development Command, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 1964-65. Head, Department of Physics, Baptist College at Charleston, Charleston, S.C. 1965-77.

Publications: The Development of Differential Operators by a Method of Geometric Projection, American Journal of Physics, August, 1942. A proof of the Centrifugal Force Formula, School Science and Mathematics, April, 1944. The Aerodynamics of Powered Flight, John Wiley & Sons, 1960 (Used as a college text). The New Physics, copyright 1972. The New Testament of Physics, 1974 (Ready for publication). Patents in Guided Missile Circuitry and also in Low temperature Heat Transfer Devices.

Honors and Awards: Biographical sketches in Whos Who in American Education; American Men of Science, Two Thousand Men of Achievement, 1972, and others. Ordinance Development Award for Naval Research.

image Member: Sigma Xi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Lambda Delta Lambda.

Robert L. Carroll Chair in Physics

The Robert L. Carroll Chair in Physics has been created at West Virginia University in honor of the late Dr. Carroll. Through the generous support of his family, the intent is to honor Dr. Carroll's unique and visionary contributions to physics which extended from the basic nature of matter to the control of energy and to an ultimate understanding of electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter.

This endowment shall provide funds to create a Research Chair in the Department of Physics to benefit WVU's Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. In keeping with the spirit of Dr. Carroll's research efforts, the holder of the chair will have a major interest in a field such as condensed matter physics, laser physics, quantum optics or energy. The primary emphasis of the individual's work while holding this chair will be on the discovery of new knowledge through experimental investigation.

This fund, as determined by WVU Foundation policies, shall be used to support the position as well as that of teaching or graduate assistants, travel or other scholarly activities.

For those wishing to contribute to honor and further the work of Dr. Carroll, donations may be sent to:

Office of Development
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506

Contributions should be earmarked for the Dr. Robert Carroll Fund in Physics

Another organization that worked with Dr. Carroll for years is now looking at prototyping his work, and proving the validity of his knowledge. If you wish to follow their progress, or donate to their work, feel free to contact them:

Mark Goldes, executive director
707 861-9070

Books and articles to be found on this site.

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